jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

My life in the UK

Lara, Valentina, Wonhee, Nathalie and I
Vale and me

Raquel, Lara, me and Valentina

ok, here is when we started looking a bit drunk... lol


Vale, Lara me and Raquel...

me and Nathalie

enjoying the night

Raquel, Lara, me and Valentina

party night in the limousine

me and Valentina in the Limousine

me and Valentina, from Italy

me and Nathalie in Park Plaza hotel, London

Nadia and Nathalie :D

again with my lovely Nathalie from Germany

Nathalie and I again

dress: Topshop
belt: Versace Jeans Couture

Hi there again!

It's been a while since my last post!
Well, actually I'm very excited because of my future... yeah I got in!! Ok ok... let's relax lol
When I say I got in, I mean that I'm going to study next month in the famous and prestigious fashion school Instituto Marangoni in London for three years (although maybe just one year in London and then the other two I'll continue in Paris and Milan, I'll see :P).

This year I've visited Greece, which is a beautiful country (I've been in Olympia, Athens, Delfos...), France and the UK (Cambridge and London).
I'll show u a few photos of my staying in Cambridge (for 3 weeks), which has been amazing! I've partied a lot in discos and in a limousine, I've made lots of new friends and I've improved my english.
Mmm... what else? I don't know, it's hapened lots of things since my last post, so I can't even remember lol.

I hope I can post soon, cus I don't have time enough to be online, so have fun and I'll tell ya how is everything in London and how is my new life there as a student of Instituto Marangoni :)


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  1. Q mono ese vestido de cuadritos, me encaaaantaaa!!!!(L)(L) jeje
    Las fotos de arriba son en el interior de una limusina, verdad? q pasada!! tiene pinta de q lo pasásteis geniaal :)